Teaching High School Math and College Math Effectively

Teachers of high school and college math are in students’ lives at a critical time. These years are those right before adulthood, and it is important to ensure that students know the math they need to succeed in the future. Here are a few tips to help you teach your high school and college students effectively:

Be Engaging

No student wants to hear a long, dry lecture. However, when students are engaged in learning, they tend to soak up a lot more information. Take some extra time as you prepare your lessons to ensure there are interesting things for your students to do.

Pay very special attention, also, to the first five minutes of your class as it can set the tone for the entire day. Try to be energetic and have a positive attitude- more so at the beginning of class.

Also, keep your lessons short. The quicker you can get to the point of the lesson, the more likely your students will absorb it.

Use Technology

The world is full of technology, and that is not going to change. Using technology in the classroom not only gives the students something they are accustomed to but also shows them new ways to use it. This, of course, will prepare them better for the future.

Life Applications

Textbooks are a great teaching resource, but life applications can really drive a lesson home for a student. Teaching high school math and teaching college math is a great time to use real-world examples since the students are about to be adults or are just entering adult life.


While students do need to work independently at times, high school and college students should also have experience working with others. They will soon be entering the workforce and knowing how to be a team member is an invaluable lesson. Additionally, collaborating with other students helps to break up the mundane and add a little more life to your class.

These tips can help make your class a much more interesting place, but there is one thing you should do above all: Listen to your students. If you open your ears to their questions, thoughts, and concerns, you can more easily address any issues they may be having and determine how to best help them.

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