• Mei R

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

The love for Math does not depend on mere inclination or intellect.

If you think back to your favorite subjects in school, you may recall them fondly, largely due to the teachers who taught them. Children are not born with likes and dislikes. Preferences are formed and honed, often changing and evolving over time.

All young minds are keen to learn Math!

However, it’s the Mathematics teacher and teaching material that encourages young students to easily soak in that particular knowledge. An engrossing educator who teaches Math to Elementary students is sure to produce a batch of future Mathematicians!

The home environment also plays a large role. Children who take to Math easily usually belong to parents with similar inclinations. But if a child is forced to study Math, under harsh or severe conditions and rules, the child may revolt and hate Math.

Many believe girls are more drawn towards creative pursuits while boys prefer logical, statistical data. This idea is quickly changing....

With the Digital Age and emergence of technology, there are numerous girls entering Math-related fields such as Big Data, Robotics, Analysis, and more. Information Technology is based on Math equations while the rest works on algorithms. All of it requires a basic understanding and appreciation for Math.

Today, we have realized that Math knowledge can boost creative thinking, problem-solving, time management, ideation, and self-reliance. Children who love Math develop strong reasoning capacity and have proved to be a better decision-maker in their lives. They also develop the ability to handle tough situations and come out of it with flying colors.


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