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Math can be quite the dividing subject in School. Some people love indulging in all the problems and equations, while others dread even the sight of a mathematical symbol.

But Math and Math Books, in general, always bring out a strong opinion in people. So here is our take on Math Books in general and how they benefit you and how they could be improved.

Benefits of Math Books

Nothing stimulates the learning of a child as much as a well-written Math book.

The advantage of a Math book becomes abundantly clear when you observe the younger children that try to solve problems by counting the objects, circling, ticking and crossing things as they try to make sense of it all.

This problem-solving ability becomes imperative in the real world, and Math books are some of the best teachers of this ability for young pupils.

Another thing that good Math books do for you is that they build a connection with other sciences.

When children draw shapes, identify them, count objects, and build up an understanding of several topics, they also develop a fundamental knowledge of different fields like geometry, architecture, Science, and Graphic Designing.

One area of Mathematics is Logic, which seems to be the cornerstone of the human thought process. A good Math book teaches us to think logically and make conclusions based on said logic.

A common observation is that everything in our lives involved numbers. Be it our increased weight, the charging percentage on our phone, the speed of our car, and if a kid develops a connection with his math book, numbers can become his friends.

Where Math Books Could Improve

In this digital age, everything is present on the Internet, while most Math Books are present as hard copies.

While there is an absolute thrill in solving a math problem with the book in your hand, it may not be the best option for the environment.

A common observation with Math books is that they often provide the answers to the questions. This may be a decent way to help out the students, but what it ends up doing is that it retards critical thinking and the problem-solving ability of the child.

When Math books are taught in school, they are often taught as textbooks that seem to be the authority that can not be challenged. While there should be some uniformity in curriculum, textbooks should not be the only resource for the students, and they should be encouraged to pursue other books as well.

Bottom Line

In summary, Math Books are incredibly useful when used efficiently and can immensely help children and adults in their everyday life.


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