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Over the last two decades, educational authorities are working hard to promote the computer in math learning. However, it is vital to enhance the efficacy in each process. But if we specifically talk about math, then it is more critical. We know that technology has become the need of the hour. That's why it is crucial to ensure that students are learning to relate to the world. Gadgets and technology throw a positive effect on the online learning of math. For instance, math software, scientific calculations, spreadsheets, and statistical packages are possible due to technology. However, if the learning process is enjoyable, then it improves productivity. So, it is vital to keep the process enjoyable. But for this, you need to ask yourself one question, and that is;

How much do you like math?

As we all know that some people love math, but some do not like it at all. It is a common perception that math problems do not have real use in life. But it is entirely wrong, and it is not even near to the truth. However, your likeness depends on the reasons that we are going to provide.

Reasons to like mathematics

“Math is like the poetry of logical ideas.”

The law and rules of math are around us in our daily life. But the problem is that we do not pay attention to these things. I know after reading these reasons, you will not hesitate to tell people that you love math.

Helps to understand the world better

If you decide to teach math to high school students or learn it, it will undoubtedly add value to your life. However, whether it is online math learning or physical, it helps to know things better. The math is around us everywhere; we only need to see it with grave eyes. There are the following few examples:

>Bees use the hexagons to build honeycombs

> The Fibonacci sequence is on seashells, trees, flowers, and leaves.

>The number pi is on the shape of rivers.

Math is good for the brain.

Brain health is of utmost importance for a healthy life. According to Stanford University, the person who loves math develops cognitive skills. Apart from the mental skills person can learn problem-solving and decision-making skills.

It helps you to tell time.

A study recently revealed that 4 out of 5 students couldn't even tell the analog time. It is the concerning thing that they are only able to watch time from a digital clock. In short, the fractions in the math are your teacher to tell the time in analog.

A big reason to have problem-solving skills

It is the main reason that helps to develop analytical and reasoning skills. Analytical thinking is the root of thinking critically and logically about things. Once a person has critical thinking, then it may lead to problem-solving skills. Above all, math teaching and learning helps you to live life in order.

The base of every career is math.

Almost all of the fields rely on mathematical principles to do the primary aspect of their work. For instance, the hypothesis is the base of every new research and theory. In short, math is all around us, but we only need to understand the reality of this.

Some other reasons to like math

Apart from the above reasons, there are the following more which will help you to clear things.

>Math is the thing that can make you smart in the group of friends. For instance, if you are sitting in a group where you solved the fractions in seconds, then it is something good. It is surely going to enhance your reputation.

>Math skills can help you to be a good shopper. If you have analytical skills along with arithmetic, then the shopkeeper is undoubtedly going to impress. So, it is the best way to get advantages of the sale with your excellent math skills.

>Math is a universal language, and there are many online math learning platforms all over the world.

“Pure mathematicians love to try unsolved problems because they love challenges.”

In short, math is like play for your mind and keep the brain sharp and active. So, now you have better reasons to love and learn math. After reading this, now you can even tell people how much do you like math. However, if you are worried about the recent pandemic situation, we have a solution. You only need to register yourself for online math learning. However, trust math learning and get a chance to groom your life.


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