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There are two kinds of people in the world, one who can count and one who can't. Many people are good in numbers, and someone does not consider it as their cup of tea. However, whatever the situation, every person at least once in a lifetime interacts with math. But the new technological age has changed so many things in this learning. If we look around us, then there are so many digital ways that are different from the traditional ones. We know that technology urges us to use dynamic digital opportunities in the math class. In this writing, we are going to explain how online math learning has impacted our lives.

How is the digital age changing learning math?

In this digital age, we can always enhance the math learning process more engaging through media. We all know that the world is living in the lockdown due to the recent pandemic. So, at this time, the world has learned much about the importance of digital media. However, here are the following benefits that we can include using technology in math learning;

Use of multimedia in math teaching.

Multimedia is the best way to bring life to the process of learning. You can keep yourself intact with the knowledge even if the topic is dry and dull. There are many things that people are using in math learning. However, it was not possible before the revolution of digital media. So, it all started with animation, videos, movies, and other media in the learning.

If we look critically, then it is contributing positively and developing the skills. Apart from skill development, you have the chance to motivate and excite students about learning. Mr. DeMaio, a teacher in the union beach, New Jersey, created movies to help the students in math learning. The videos were enjoyable and helped to teach math to elementary students. In short, this multimedia approach is setting its paws in online math learning.

Interactive visualization and explorations

Introducing math learning in a visual is helpful and goes beyond to enhance student engagement. According to the research papers of Stanford university, visual learning is best for math teaching. However, due to visuals in education, the brain thinks in the right direction. Here are the following highlights of visual learning and the research;

> Technology helps the students and teachers to get additional knowledge related to the math concepts. Through the visual way, students can discover games, models, and digital tools.

>Digital media modes engage the students and teachers with each other to test the math-related ideas. Along with this, they can collaborate on different concepts to get better results.

>Above all, there is software where students can combine math equations and formulas. It all helps the students to experience a better learning experience.

Personalized math learning using digital modes

As we discussed, that world is going through with the lockdowns where physical learning isn't possible. So, in this situation, online math learning is helping students and teachers. However, there are the following highlights of this education;

>Every learner is different from the other. So due to the online medium, teachers can personalize the learning. Above all, we can do all this according to the student's abilities. In short, online learning can provide content that is helpful in individual needs.

>If a student faces any technical issues in the math sums, he can take help from the online medium. Many math communities have the answer to all of your problems.

"The only way to learn math in recent age is to do it using digital modes."

However, it has proved that the digital age has changed the math learning. It comes with many benefits and positivity. In short, digital modes can teach students about real-life uses of math ideas. There are many platforms where teachers can direct students to get real-life examples. Combining technology in math class allows the student to interact with the world and broaden the views.


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