How to Donate Math Books

Just about every household in America has at least one stack or one box of books lying around that has not been touched in five years or more. When it comes to decluttering, parting with books seems harder than almost any other item.

Some people do not want to get rid of books because they think, “What if I need to read it or reference it again?” Honestly, though, when is the last time you needed to crack it open? How often do you really need to reference your old high school math book?

If you are one who struggles with this particular line of thinking, there are two things to consider. First, if you have internet access, you can more quickly look up the answer to your question online than you can find it in a textbook.

Second, there are people out there who want to learn math but do not have access to textbooks or the internet. These people will benefit greatly from your decision to donate math books. We accept not only used books but new books and ebooks as well.

Other people do not know where to donate math books, and they really do not want to throw them away. Typically, the books are still in their homes another five years down the line.

Instead of letting these books crowd your home, either donate them or exchange them. You might contact local schools and libraries to determine if they need books. Churches in your area may also have some information.

You might also find a website that provides a place for a math book exchange or a way to donate books to those who need them. iLoveMathBooks is a great place to put your math books to work. We accept not only used books but new books and ebooks as well. Take a look at the services provided and rejoice that you can finally declutter those textbooks knowing they are going to a good cause.

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